Dean Dampney - Founder, Director, Photographer, Camera Wizard

Dean's our People and Lifestyle Photography specialist. With countless magazine assignments under his belt for many of the best titles in Australia (The Good Weekend, Vogue Magazine, and Frankie to name a few) as well as a reputation as one of Australia's best Documentary Photo Artists, Dean's CV packs a punch. Dean has been a selected finalist for the Moran Photographic Prize three times and hung in The National Portrait Gallery as a finalist in the National Photographic Portrait Prize. Starting his career as a Newspaper Photojournalist for News Ltd., Dean's 15 year career as a Professional Photographer has earned him the reputation as Team CloudFace's friendliest grey beard. Dean's quality of work is matched by his easy laugh and ready ability to  turn a difficult brief to gold. 


Mike Bell - Photographer, Retoucher

Known in The CloudFace Team as The Perfectionist. Not only does he hand polish is camera gear with Tibetan Silk, his image making prowess is second to none. Mike's background is as a Lifestyle and Travel Photographer, but more recently his precision glass focus has been on fine lines and careful detail in Building, Property and Architectural Photography. With a long tenure as the R.M Williams Chief Photographer and Post Production Manager, Mike has left his chaps and the Rodeo Scene for the gratitude of a vast clientele in the greener pastures of Sydney's Northern Beaches. Originally a Print Maker by trade and with a reputation as one of Australia's most highly accomplished Photo Retouchers, CloudFace takes great pleasure in introducing you to both Photographer and Retoucher extroardinaire. Check out Mike's Portfolio here..

Tim Pascoe Portrait.jpg

Tim Pascoe - Photographer

Don't let that steely gaze fool you for a second. Tim's ready smile and open heart is only matched for goodness by his deft skills with a camera. As an 'old News Photographer' you can forget about the age reference, but remember the honour and mettle that comes with the title Photojournalist. Tim was one of the best. Still is, but these day's instead of packing rolls of film for Murdoch Tim is our kind hearted super hero who thrives on meeting camera to eye with like minded souls. In 2005 Tim was one of the youngest members to be named 'Master of Photography'. A prestigious award given by the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography). Tim's work speaks for itself in front of the judges panel, on the gallery wall, or fronting your favourite magazine title. Check out Tim's work here.

John Benevente Portrait.jpg

John Benevente - Photographer

What we've noticed over our the years is that the darker the acetate of John's spectacles towards Woody Allen black, the more nuanced his artistic flare becomes. An artist with a camera and not a brush. A hipster with a love of vinyl but without a moustache. John only looks serious when he's staring down the guts of his Hassleblad ('blad' for short). John's most recently been hung in the National Photographic Portrait Gallery for his Highly Commended piece titled 'Renaissance Rose'. If that's not something to crow about we don't know what is. But you won't find John glory hunting, instead as one of our hardest working team members, he'll be shooting because he loves it. Often people and often fellow creatives who have a a flare for the care it takes to put together a true showpiece, be it your pop up store, or style guru creation.. See John's work here.