Boys To Men

There's a lot I don't know. That's for sure. But there are a few things I am very sure of. One of those is that our boys need great role models. That's one pretty significant factor in maturing them to men.

Another thing I know is that a certain very tall smiley wise man I know called Monty is as full of passion and joy as anyone I know. And he knows too that from young to old, wisdom comes with guidance.

Monty recently established Habitus, and one of the programs involved describes just what I'm talking about above. What I was fortunate enough to tag along for with my camera's and inappropriate foot wear, was to witness five boys and their parental guardians work together towards goals of togetherness and personal growth.  All this facilitated through a form of rite of passage guidance by other men alongside Monty. 

As a father of three boys and someone who's super aware of how fundamental our role is as fathers to guide our boys to understanding inherently what it is to 'be a man', it was a great honour for me to be involved with this wonderful initiative. 

BTW please note that the shots of the boys blindfolded were captured during a trust building exercise where the boys were led blindfolded through the busy. 

Family IS EVERYTHING pt ii. {South Coast Family Photographer}.

Personal's 10:03am, and I've been up since 2:03am. That's roughly 8 hours just in case you like me might be struggling with some simple maths right now. It's also 8 hours that feels like 28 hours Ive been awake and the whiff of strong tea filled with buckets of honey is doing nothing for the vomit bug my 5 year old projectile communicated just prior to that 28 hours ago since I woke up.  

Nor is that tea anything like a strong coffee that in the midst of parental team meltdown I bizarrely decided to stop relying on roughly 2.5 out of 3 children ago. And meanwhile Arlo here is twirling around on the swivel chair to my side with suspect breath and incessant chatter that only a 5 year old could muster so innocently when the rest of us would wallow in our vomity misery. And throughout all this very small and relatively uneventful stuff I am aghast by the beauty of these children in our lives and how gorgeous even these moments are, says me too tired to reply to the 2oth questions and now physical prompts to read the dinosaur book. 

What's that got to do with these shots from a morning  spent with two other young families enjoying all this wonder and beauty. Everything. These moments are everything. Historically relevant, innocent to the core, and the stuff that's going to make us cry tears of nostalgic joy when we're too tired to throw them on our shoulders anymore. Not parent with new bub tired. Like old and tired. Really old. And blissfully aware of the fact that this simple notion is so friggin' true - family is everything!

The Quarters Restaurant. Huskisson Photographer.

When you walk through the door for a blind date (a Photography Date in this case), only to realise that decades ago you'd met the bloke running the show in another world that was kinda the antithesis of Husky, you know things are working out how they're meant to be.

Although it wasn't pure white sand, this other world a lifetime ago was fresh with white unmarked snow, and the sky too was blue. New girlfriend and no snowboarding skills to speak of, I was way more apprehensive back then, than I was inside this very cool space aka The Quarters.

As darkness  descended outside and this hip little Restaurant Bar got really moving, I was thankful it wasn't me 15 years ago on a cold icy slope, eyes a glaze in impending darkness as my new friends and  girlfriend (now my wife) slid down the backside of backcountry Mount Perisher (,leaving me to wallow in self pity and snowboarding novice gloom).  

Nope none of that, just good vibes, and a full belly with the warm glow of how intoxicating serendipity can be. 


Meet Anna, and Bryce, and their kids Tilly and Fred. These guys are moving on to further adventures in another part of the country, and wanted to capture this time and place. 

Family Photography as a Documentary Photographer who personally puts family above everything, is a dream job. 

If you live on the South Coast and you reckon you'd like to capture what you guys represent as a family, give me a hoy here and I'll come and join you as you do some of your favourite things together.

Kimo Estate....You Made Our Hearts Sing!

Here's a couple of frames from a little shoot we had out at JR's hut, west of Gundagai. I'm delighted to say that this was not a Commercial Shoot. It was a post honeymoon, post 3 kids, post life as we know it otherwise, honeymoon.  It was one of the best 24 hours we'd ever spent together. Check out Kimo Estate if you feel like a breath of fresh air and nothing but a green hill horizon for 360 degrees. 

Manjushri Centre Portrait Session.

This is what happens when you tap into the collective consciousness of a committee of like minded, driven individuals, intent on making the world a better place. We had as much fun making these portraits as what our lovely subjects did being part of the Photo Shoot. 

Our approach is professional and personal, with no 'mucking around'. We use available light, as nature provided, and are philosophically geared towards making great imagery through connected and easy human rapport.

Smithy & The Chef 17.10.17

Pop the corks and let the bubbly flow, CloudFace Commercial Photographers is metaphorically off the ground, and what better place to launch our first official gig, than The Air Force Museum at HMAS Albatross. 

Our lovely clients, Smithy and The Chef catered to over 400 armed forces personal for this huge event, and wanted their culinary and servicing skills well and truly documented. This is our specialty - natural, documentary style imagery, with a whiff of the artistic. Photography that's engaging, real, and so not stiff, is what we're all about here at CloudFace Commercial Photographers.

Big salute and thank you to Smithy and The Chef, and to Dean Dampney our flavoursome Documentary Photographer for capturing all the zest and pepper of this cool event.