The Quarters Restaurant. Huskisson Photographer.

When you walk through the door for a blind date (a Photography Date in this case), only to realise that decades ago you'd met the bloke running the show in another world that was kinda the antithesis of Husky, you know things are working out how they're meant to be.

Although it wasn't pure white sand, this other world a lifetime ago was fresh with white unmarked snow, and the sky too was blue. New girlfriend and no snowboarding skills to speak of, I was way more apprehensive back then, than I was inside this very cool space aka The Quarters.

As darkness  descended outside and this hip little Restaurant Bar got really moving, I was thankful it wasn't me 15 years ago on a cold icy slope, eyes a glaze in impending darkness as my new friends and  girlfriend (now my wife) slid down the backside of backcountry Mount Perisher (,leaving me to wallow in self pity and snowboarding novice gloom).  

Nope none of that, just good vibes, and a full belly with the warm glow of how intoxicating serendipity can be.