Boys To Men

There's a lot I don't know. That's for sure. But there are a few things I am very sure of. One of those is that our boys need great role models. That's one pretty significant factor in maturing them to men.

Another thing I know is that a certain very tall smiley wise man I know called Monty is as full of passion and joy as anyone I know. And he knows too that from young to old, wisdom comes with guidance.

Monty recently established Habitus, and one of the programs involved describes just what I'm talking about above. What I was fortunate enough to tag along for with my camera's and inappropriate foot wear, was to witness five boys and their parental guardians work together towards goals of togetherness and personal growth.  All this facilitated through a form of rite of passage guidance by other men alongside Monty. 

As a father of three boys and someone who's super aware of how fundamental our role is as fathers to guide our boys to understanding inherently what it is to 'be a man', it was a great honour for me to be involved with this wonderful initiative. 

BTW please note that the shots of the boys blindfolded were captured during a trust building exercise where the boys were led blindfolded through the busy.