Family IS EVERYTHING pt ii. {South Coast Family Photographer}.

Personal's 10:03am, and I've been up since 2:03am. That's roughly 8 hours just in case you like me might be struggling with some simple maths right now. It's also 8 hours that feels like 28 hours Ive been awake and the whiff of strong tea filled with buckets of honey is doing nothing for the vomit bug my 5 year old projectile communicated just prior to that 28 hours ago since I woke up.  

Nor is that tea anything like a strong coffee that in the midst of parental team meltdown I bizarrely decided to stop relying on roughly 2.5 out of 3 children ago. And meanwhile Arlo here is twirling around on the swivel chair to my side with suspect breath and incessant chatter that only a 5 year old could muster so innocently when the rest of us would wallow in our vomity misery. And throughout all this very small and relatively uneventful stuff I am aghast by the beauty of these children in our lives and how gorgeous even these moments are, says me too tired to reply to the 2oth questions and now physical prompts to read the dinosaur book. 

What's that got to do with these shots from a morning  spent with two other young families enjoying all this wonder and beauty. Everything. These moments are everything. Historically relevant, innocent to the core, and the stuff that's going to make us cry tears of nostalgic joy when we're too tired to throw them on our shoulders anymore. Not parent with new bub tired. Like old and tired. Really old. And blissfully aware of the fact that this simple notion is so friggin' true - family is everything!