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Communication - it’s been around for a while!.

Simple honest communication that’s full of feeling and passion for what you do. It’s memorable and It’s what we want to see and hear.

This humble collective of gifted VISUAL ARTISTS we’ve called The CloudFace Team is community orientated, bare foot and juiced up with a zest for sharing our communities success stories.

Whether it be PHOTOGRAPHY, FILM, or WEB DESIGN, we’re about creating the utmost in style and quality whilst maintaining affordability (ie lifestyle for all).

We specialise in providing Image Solutions for small business located across the South Coast of NSW.

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Show us who you really are….

Unique, heartfelt, and top of your game!

We’re here to spread the word.


Beyond concept, meaning and rapport is the light footed application of twenty years of Professional Photography experience that’s won us all kinds of awards and accolades. None of which matter at all really - we just want to make beautiful photographs with inspiring people.


The moving image as a guided artful documentation providing narrative and emotional context can be incredibly captivating and effective. Giving business identities the extra edge our films are a welcome insight into your real world beyond just service with a smile.

web design

Web Design is our business card of today and we’ve always liked it clean and simple - good enough to stick behind a magnet on the fridge. Authentic and artful, our digital canvas online is loaded with everything and then some, but stripped back enough to want to look back.

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